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As the financial advisor you play a pivotal role in increasing the earning potential of your clients, as well as protecting their assets, whether it’s their homes, automobiles, valuables, yachts, planes etc. At PCI, we understand your clients’ needs always come first. The majority of our staff has extensive banking experience, enabling them to keenly understand the relationship you’ve forged with your clients over the years. We value that relationship and believe, as we’re sure you do, that it is trust that serves as the cornerstone of any relationship. And we also believe that trust has to be earned, not given.

We are not your competitors. We do not sell annuities, mutual funds, stocks, commercial insurance or any other product that competes with you. Instead, we utilize our time and energy to provide a customized personal insurance portfolio to help protect your clients from losses to their assets. We view you as a partner in this process and consider you an integral part of an overall plan to protect your client. Two equal forces working towards one ultimate goal.

As your clients transition from wealth building to wealth preservation, the need for personal lines insurance protection become paramount to preserve their assets from loss. We start by listening to you and understanding your client’s needs. We then schedule a face to face meeting with you and your client (at no cost to you or the client) in order to clearly understand what they have accomplished in their lives, and what needs to be done to make sure it isn’t all taken away. Finally, we follow up with you and together we build a customized insurance portfolio. We build the plan around your client’s needs and empower them to make better decisions in regards to their coverage. So in the end, your client feels their back is covered not by one but two experts, solely focused on watching out for their financial well-being.

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