Premier Insurance Coverage For Pro Athletes

Premier Insurance Coverage For Professional Athletes

PCI is a leading private insurer of professional athletes, as well as entertainers and wealthy clients in other select high-profile professions. We are here to insure your health and your wealth and we take our job as seriously as you take being a professional athlete.

Over the years, we have become an industry leader in designing and offering the most complete, comprehensive and sensible insurance coverage for professional athletes in any sport. We have an active roster of satisfied clients from many different types of sports, with numerous celebrity athletes among them.

Every athlete knows how important being insured is, but most professional athletes devote a majority of their time to focusing on their sport and are often unaware of the fine details of their insurance coverage. The following true story is a perfect example.

Professional Basketball Player Discovers He Is Double-dribbling On His Bill Payments

A professional basketball player felt he was no longer being adequately serviced by his current insurance agent. It seems the athlete had a bill-pay service through his accountant, while his wife was was making duplicate payments because the bills were incorrectly being sent to both addresses.

Upon review, we discovered he was paying for two homes and one car that he no longer owned. We were able to get him a refund for over $20,000 on the duplicate payments, while incorporating coverage changes that better protected his hard-earned wealth.

Stories like this are repeated all too often throughout the world of pro sports, because as a professional athlete your primary focus is on your training, practice and performance, not routinely checking your insurance coverage.

High-Coverage Injury Insurance For Professional Athletes

Professional athletes live a very intense, rigorous, but also glamorous lifestyle and let's face it, talking and worrying about having the proper insurance coverage might be a bit intense, but it is far from glamorous. This is why it is so important to have an insurer that will always have your best interests at heart, will do the grunt work to design the right policy for you and then will closely monitor your coverage with you and for you.

That is where we come in. PCI specializes in the exclusive area of high-coverage insurance for professional athletes such as baseball, football, basketball, hockey, golf and other professional sports. We are here to make sure you have a complete umbrella of insurance that covers your home(s), vehicles and all of your possessions, as well as other types of injury you may incur while competing, while at home, or just out on the town.

When we talk about a complete umbrella insurance policy, we mean a policy that covers anything that could possibly happen to you that could adversely affect your ability to perform and earn money by playing your sport. As a professional athlete, you know all-to-well that you are always just one injury away from the end of your career. In the event of a career-ending injury, your income and financial future must be protected. We can insure you completely against this type of devastating injury. We will sit down with you and design a policy that will completely protect you in the event of injury or even illness that ends your career, with an eye toward protecting your wealth not only now, but for the long-term and well into in the future.

However, unlike in the story above, when we design a policy we closely examine every detail to make absolutely sure you are not over-insured, mistakenly charged, you never pay for any coverages you do not need and that you never pay a dollar more than you have to in order to stay fully protected against any type of injury.

Protecting Your Wealth And Preserving Your Assets

Professional Athlete Baseball

Our focus is not only on protecting your overall financial health from any injury-related issues, but also to make sure you are completely covered for any type of liability exposure in order to protect your wealth and future income. We call this wealth preservation and the need for adequate personal lines insurance protection to preserve your assets from loss is paramount.

If you are a highly-paid professional athlete, chances are good that you have a nice home(s), nice vehicles and employees to handle specific duties such as housekeeping, security and maintenance. Whenever you have vehicles of any type and even just one employee, it is absolutely vital to have adequate liability insurance.

Chances are also good that you enjoy entertaining and will want to have parties and other events at your home with small to large numbers of people attending. If you know you are going to frequently have guests at your home, it is absolutely vital to have adequate liability insurance.

Let's face it, as you are probably well aware, the simple fact that you are a highly-paid professional athlete such as in baseball, football, basketball, hockey, golf and other professional sports it makes you a likely target for litigation in the event of an injury occurring on your property. What happens if someone on your housekeeping, security or maintenance staff is injured or even worse, while on your property? It doesn't matter if it was in the course of their duties as an employee or not, just the simple fact that they were injured on your property, opens you up to liability.

What happens if someone attending a function at your home is injured or even worse? Again you are likely open to exposure for liability and in the event of the worst, what will happen to their family, how will they be provided for and taken care of? Do you have enough coverage?

The Proper Coverage, The Best Carriers

Unfortunately these events do happen and when they do, the most important thing for you and for us, is to make sure you are adequately protected. But what does that mean? How much is adequate or enough? It may be more than you think and for good reason.

In today's litigious world, million-dollar injury and wrongful death lawsuits are almost a way of life. The fact is, if someone gets severely hurt or killed and you are found somehow liable, you will most likely be sued for millions of dollars, so you really do need to be heavily covered. We always suggest having more than enough liability insurance to cover the value of your home plus all your assets, plus any legal fees that may arise - then double it. This way, in the event of a catastrophic claim, you will be fully covered and be able to keep your assets.

This is also why it is so important to have the best carriers in the business. The last thing you want is a carrier that will not pay out on a legitimate claim. PCI works with only the strongest, most reputable AM Best-rated insurance carriers in the United States. We are extremely selective in our choice of carriers and only work with those that provide first class service and exceptional claims departments.

If you are a professional athlete, or you represent a professional athlete and you would like to find out more about PCI, or schedule an appointment, call us at 301-245-0130. We look forward to hearing from you.