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Private Client Insurance - Premier Insurance Coverage For Entrepreneurs

PCI is a leading private insurer of entrepreneurs, as well as executives, CEOs, entertainers, professional athletes and wealthy clients in many other select high-profile professions. We are here to insure your health and your wealth and we take our job as seriously as you take growing and developing your business. ...Read More

The Client Experience

I’m sure many of your high-net-worth clients recall growing up with their cherished toys. Maybe it was a miniature car that they rolled around the rug, imagining life at the Indy 500. They loved that toy car, and cried loud and long when it broke. But no big deal—dad just went out and replaced it. No harm, no foul. Then it was off to the races again. ...Read More

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Increase precautions when the temperature drops ...Read More

Disgrace Coverage

Here is an example of how disgrace coverage comes into play. If an athlete has any financial obligations where they are making payments, the financial establishment working with the athlete may require their professional contract to be insured against any situations that arise that would prevent the athlete from making payments, such as being suspended ...Read More

Disability Coverage

For various top free agents, disability coverage is of high importance. For instance, if there is an athlete who is in the final year of their contract, a disability policy can provide protection and reassurance in the event of a career ending injury. ...Read More

Don’t be Caught Underinsured Against a Career Ending Illness or Injury

It is actually estimated that as little as 40 percent of players in the NFL acquire disability insurance coverage. This fact in combination with the information stated above, can leave players extremely vulnerable to financial ruin. ...Read More

Aviation Insurance - PCI Offers Protection Under Our Wing

PCI can insure any aircraft insurance risk. Our vast experience in the insurance industry allows us to go above and beyond to handle our client’s aviation insurance needs. ...Read More

Professional Athlete Disability Coverage

Here at PCI we cannot express the importance of athletes having Disability Coverage enough. Our advisors are ready to assist you with any questions you may have and will find the policy that fits perfectly with your affluent lifestyle. ...Read More

OWN Occupation Disability Insurance – Are you Protected?

True own occupation disability insurance is a potential key factor in protecting your livelihood. At some point during the average working adults career, about 25% of individuals will suffer an illness or accident which lasts 90 days or more. ...Read More